Art Center Saturday High

Thank you to Art Center Saturday High for having Abe Camacho, from Satellite, as a guest speaker and critiquer. Abe was inspired by the breadth of creativity and design thinking at such an early age. We invite you to learn more about Art Center Saturday High at http://www.artcenter.edu/sat/.

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Newest member of the team

We would like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the team. Please say hello to MakerBot Validating our design work as quickly as possible is part of our process. The MakerBot provides a valuable asset. In case you are wondering, yes we will be printing…

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2014!  Happy New Year!
2014 wants to party too!

This Google Doodle says it best. Happy New Year everybody!

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CES 2014 Design and Engineering Awards

We are honored to have been recognized for our work with our client Kanex at CES 2014 for the Simple Dock product. You can read the full press release here http://www.kanexlive.com/media/press-release/article.aspx?id=1373.

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ASU Jr. ID Student Work Critique

Abe Camacho, of Satellite, was honored to be a guest reviewer for the Jr. Industrial Design class at The Design School at Arizona State University this year. Abe had the chance to meet the new crop of talented students and also to wander around his alma matter. We hope…

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CEDIA 2013

We had the opportunity to meet with our newest client, Dana Innovations / iPort, at CEDIA 2013. In addition to our meet we met a ton of new people and made some new connections for future work. We’re new to the world of CEDIA and the show did not…

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We love gaming!

We’re working on a slew of gaming products this year and LOVING it! Just received an OUYA to play with. Game on!

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We love lattes

We love lattes. In fact we make our own at the studio. Work hard, drink hard.

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CES 2013

We love CES and make it a point to go every year. Who wouldn’t love to see their work on display under shiny lights? In addition to checking out the myriad of new product releases we stopped by a few of our client booths to say hi (and admire…

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CES 2013 excitement

We are honored to have been recognized for our work with our client Kanex at CES 2013. You can read the full press release here http://www.kanexlive.com/media/press-release/article.aspx?id=1385

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id hack
Industrial Design Hack

Because sometimes things need a facelift.

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Welcome Emily Campbell to our Industrial Design Team.
2012/08/30 in Inspiration, Team

We are pleased to introduce Emily Campbell as Satellite’s first Industrial Designer. Emily brings a wealth of design skill, inspired intellectual thinking, and a refined aesthetic sensibility. Emily is a recent graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art with additional accreditation from Case Western University, graduating with honors. She was…

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CoolSpot featured on I.D. Magazine

A project that Abe Camacho of Satellite worked on while at Belkin was recently featured on I.D. Magazine. Congrats to Abe Camacho and the Belkin Industrial Design team. Check out the post here http://www.id-mag.com/gallery/Belkin-CoolSpot/2755025. Best, Rocket Man

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Geode featured on TechCrunch

iCache Geode featured on TechCrunch. Calls it awesome, useful and handsome. Not bad, happy for the compliments. Read the full post here: http://techcrunch.com/2012/03/13/icache-geode/ Best, Rocket Man

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iCache Geode launched on Kickstarter

We are very excited about the launching of iCache Geode. Geode is the very first product that Satellite developed as a company for our client iCache, a Cambridge, MA company. Please help support the launch on Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/1404403369/geode-from-icache. Much thanks to iCache and Supermechanical for bringing us into this…

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