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art center high

Art Center High School

Abe Camacho, of Satellite, had the opportunity to engage with Art Center Saturday High School students today. During the class Abe presented his experience as a product designer and business owner. The experience left him enthusiastic about the future and hopes to continue to engage with students.

A special thanks to Carlos Mendez for inviting Abe to participate in his class.


Newest member of the team.

We would like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the team. Please say hello to MakerBot

Validating our design work as quickly as possible is part of our process. The MakerBot provides a valuable asset.

In case you are wondering, yes we will be printing a slew of Star Wars figures and ships.

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ASU Jr. ID Student Work Critique

Abe Camacho, of Satellite, was honored to be a guest reviewer for the Jr. Industrial Design class at The Design School at Arizona State University this year. Abe had the chance to meet the new crop of talented students and also to wander around his alma matter. We hope to make this a yearly event. Go DEVILS!

During his visit, Abe also had a chance to visit Innovation Space at Arizona State University and was blown away. While there he also saw that a variety of technologies are available to the students including 3D printing, Laser Etching, and CNC to name a few.


We love gaming

We’re working on a slew of gaming products this year and LOVING it! Just received an OUYA to play with. Game on!


iCache Geode featured on TechCrunch

iCache Geode featured on TechCrunch. Calls it awesome, useful and handsome. Not bad, happy for the compliments.

Read the full post here:

Blast off!

As a child I always wanted to be one of two things, an Astronaut or an Artist. Some of my earliest memories include teaching myself how to draw in the school library. Many of these drawings were of rocket ships, jet planes and ninjas. In High School I took every possible art, shop and drafting class that I could take, but something was missing… flight. Luckily the Air Force had a JRTOC class at my school that helped fill this gap. As it turned out the class was missing something… flight. By college I had already decided that I was going to pursue Architecture as my chosen form of expression, but again there was something missing… creating completely weird things that hadn’t yet existed. Luckily my college also offered Industrial Design. For me finding Industrial Design was the perfect blend of magic, mechanics, creation and even flight. You see ID guys also designed airplanes. I always figured engineers did this. Little did I know that some of the most famous ships that I drew as a kid were also created by Industrial Designers.

So what is the point of this post? The point is I have had the fortune of working as a designer for 11 years now in. Working on a wide range of assignments from commercial hardware, consumer electronics, user interfaces, medical equipment and even as a child who painted his grandmothers ceramics business. I have had the greatest time and have learned under the direction of many talented designers, engineers, software developers, project managers, marketing experts, story tellers and CEO’s. It is now time for me to begin a new adventure and a new company, Satellite. Satellite is officially launched!

Blast Off,

Rocket Man